Productos de tabaco

Conformidad y cumplimiento

To protect the health of future generations, FDA closely monitors retailers’ compliance with restrictions on tobacco product marketing and sales to youth – and takes strong corrective action when violations occur.

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Inspecciones de control del cumplimiento

FDA conducts inspections of tobacco product retailers to determine a retailer’s compliance with federal laws and regulations. 

Inspections determine a retailer's compliance with, among other things:

Base de datos de los informes de inspección

Results from compliance check inspections of tobacco retailers are available in the searchable inspection database.

Map of the US

The database will let you know which inspected retailers received a civil monetary penalty, a warning letter, or were found to have no observable violations. You can search by tobacco retailer name, city, state, zip code, or decision date. You can also search using an interactive map by state or region.  Those businesses where compliance check inspections have been completed will be displayed as pins on the map.

Note: Absence of a retail establishment from this database does not imply compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Cartas de advertencia

FDA generally issues Warning Letters, which can also be found in the base de datos del buscador, to tobacco retailers the first time violations are observed during a compliance check inspection. (The Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) issues other Warning Letters as well. Find these here.)

Quejas por sanciones monetarias de carácter civil

Se utiliza una queja por sanciones monetarias de carácter civil (CPM, por sus siglas en inglés) para iniciar una acción legal administrativa a un minorista, ocasionando la imposición de una multa, llamada sanción monetaria de carácter civil.

FDA issues Civil Money Penalty Complaints, found in the base de datos del buscador, para los minoristas de tabaco cuando se observan violaciones durante una inspección de verificación del cumplimiento. 

Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued during the past 45 days can be downloaded below; earlier Complaints can be found in the base de datos del buscador.

Minorista Fecha de publicación
Joe Eideh d/b/a 7-Eleven 34428 12/1/2014
Bayview Pizza and Restaurant LTD/ Allison Koroleva d/b/a Bayview Pizzeria 12/1/2014
Prime Retail Management Group Inc d/b/a Beach Bums 12/1/2014
Boulevard Express LLC / Deborah Nolan d/b/a Boulevard Express / Pure 12/1/2014
The Rock Corporation of Tewksberry d/b/a Bourbon Street Wine and Spirits 12/1/2014
Jazzo Group, Inc. / Mohamad Rizka d/b/a Citgo 12/1/2014
Cliff’s Hilltop Market, Inc. / Cynthia Overstreet d/b/a Cliff’s Hilltop Market 12/1/2014
Dorothy’s Country Store and Deli LLC 12/1/2014
Helen Cooper d/b/a Ebony Hair Supply and More 12/1/2014
Hong Sik Kang d/b/a Kang’s Village Deli 12/1/2014
Maria Wylie d/b/a Kelly One Stop 12/1/2014
Flint Lucky Star, LLC / Nirmaljit Singh d/b/a Lucky Star Food Market 12/1/2014
David Martin d/b/a Piggly Wiggly 101 12/1/2014
Pride Family Market, Inc. / John Bohman and Joe Bohman d/b/a Pride Family Market 12/1/2014
Wal-Mart Stores East, LP d/b/a Princeton Wal-Mart Supercenter Store 1783 12/1/2014
Sav-O-Mat, Inc. d/b/a Sav-O-Mat 6 12/1/2014
Smoke and More, Inc. / Yo Sung Cheon and Ho Cheon d/b/a Smoke and More 12/1/2014
Ted L. Moser d/b/a Stop-N-Go 12/1/2014
Station Management Consultants, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 12/1/2014
WCB of Greenville, LLC / Han Choi d/b/a World Cup Billiards 12/1/2014
M and MJ Inc. / Norman Jonna d/b/a 7 Craft Shopper 12/2/2014
Jalyan, Inc. d/b/a Carolina Line 12/2/2014
CMCC, Inc. / Craig Thorvig d/b/a Chris’ Food Center 12/2/2014
100 Snow LLC d/b/a Clark 12/2/2014
Quest of Olanta, Inc. d/b/a HD’s Quick Stop 12/2/2014
KNN Market, LLC / Khalid M. Ibrahim / Nabila Benawa d/b/a One Stop Grocery 12/2/2014
Jaclyn Liquors, Inc. d/b/a Medford Wine and Spirits 12/2/2014
New Life Grocery LLC 12/2/2014
Anchor Gull, Inc. / Jazania O’Neal d/b/a North Beach General Store 12/2/2014
Palmetto Grocery and Grill, LLC / Scott Haselden d/b/a Palmetto Grocery and Grill 12/2/2014
Poojan, Inc. / Sanjay Patel d/b/a Pee Dee Grocery 12/2/2014
HGG Inc. d/b/a Phillips 66 12/2/2014
Pump ’N Pantry of Lockwood, LLC 12/2/2014
Stop N Go Food Mart 2, LLC d/b/a Q Mart 12/2/2014
Major Petroleum Company d/b/a Quik Break Belton 12/2/2014
R.M. Roach and Sons, Inc. d/b/a Rocs / Shell 12/2/2014
Razzaq Tradings Inc. / Ali Imran d/b/a Sam’s Food Stores 12/2/2014
The Smoking Head, LLC / John R. Sigafoos d/b/a The Smoking Head 12/2/2014
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 5723 12/2/2014
Asia Supermarket, LLC d/b/a Wallingford Food Land 12/2/2014
Baida Ann LLC / Ahmed Mubarak d/b/a A and A Superstop 12/3/2014
Brandon Beer d/b/a Beer Oil and Tire 12/3/2014
TBD, Inc. / Thomas B. Dunn d/b/a Bland Square 12/3/2014
UISCE BEATHA, Inc. d/b/a Cavanaugh's Restaurant 12/3/2014
Rachel Diaz, d/b/a Cruzers Lounge 12/3/2014
Pennsylvania CVS Pharmacy, L.L.C. d/b/a CVS Pharmacy 1296 12/3/2014
Fred’s, Inc. d/b/a Fred’s 1113 12/3/2014
Go-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Go-Mart 87 12/3/2014
Wal-Mart Stores East, LP d/b/a Wal-Mart 3781 12/3/2014
The Pantry, Inc. d/b/a Kangaroo Express 3961 12/3/2014
God Is One Petroleum Inc. / Kamaljit Kaur d/b/a Keystone Food Mart 12/3/2014
Kiran Mart LLC 12/3/2014
Assefa Reta d/b/a Kukulu Market 12/3/2014
AMA Foodmart Inc. d/b/a Marathon 12/3/2014
B.P. of White Lake Inc. / Fuad Barbat d/b/a Mobil 12/3/2014
Reedy Barfield Jr. d/b/a Barfields R and R 12/3/2014
RoNetco Supermarkets Inc. d/b/a Shop Rite 12/3/2014
Tung Ngo Inc. / Tung Ngo d/b/a Sinclair Dino Mart 12/3/2014
Jacqueline L. Niaz d/b/a Smoker’s Discount World 12/3/2014
Knight Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Valero 12/3/2014
Young S. Kim d/b/a Beachwood Park General Store 12/8/2014
Joseph Damato d/b/a Circle Cafe 12/8/2014
Vinsa, Inc. d/b/a Currie’s Beer Garden 12/8/2014
David Family Corp / Mitchell David d/b/a David’s Liquors 12/8/2014
Somerset Wine Company LLC / Joel Wolff and Gary Fisch d/b/a Gary’s Wine and Marketplace 12/8/2014
Harris Teeter, Inc. d/b/a Harris Teeter 149 12/8/2014
Gary Best Stockyards Inc. / Gary Best d/b/a Koo-Koos Nest 12/8/2014
Green Gas, Inc. / Wassim Khiami and Khloud Khiami d/b/a One Energy 12/8/2014
Usman LLC / Uzair Manzoor d/b/a Pump N Munch 3 12/8/2014
Rite Aid of Maryland, Inc. d/b/a Rite Aid 4983 12/8/2014
Safeway Inc. d/b/a Safeway 1864 12/8/2014
Sayed Consumer, LLC d/b/a Speedy 12/8/2014
Daikran Dikran d/b/a Spice Times Smoke Shop 12/8/2014
Owensville Stop-N-Go, Inc. / Joe Wilson and Emma L. Wilson d/b/a Stop-N-Go 12/8/2014
Sunnyhill Grocery LLC 12/8/2014
New Tobacco City LLC / Muhammad Khokhar d/b/a Tobacco City 12/8/2014
Tobacconist LLC / Mohammed Hossain and MD Shahidul Islam d/b/a Tobacconist 12/8/2014
Walgreen Eastern Co., Inc. d/b/a Walgreens 5522 12/8/2014
Jas and Akool, Inc. d/b/a Wild Cherry Supermarket 12/8/2014
Aldrich Enterprises, Inc. / Carl Aldrich d/b/a Aldrich Marathon 12/9//2014
James Edwin Booth Sr. d/b/a Booth’s Gas Plus 12/9//2014
Boulevard Place, Inc. / Louie Hanna d/b/a Boulevard Market 12/9//2014
Northline Petroleum Inc. / Hassan Elhaouli d/b/a BP 12/9//2014
Thomas G. Whitcomb d/b/a Painters Mill B P Auto Center 12/9//2014
Caribe Market, LLC / Joseph Shehada d/b/a Caribe Market 12/9//2014
Chapp and Bushey Oil Co. / Jennell Niemann d/b/a Chapp’s Landing 12/9//2014
Suzi Corporation / Amy Cho and Mark Han d/b/a Suzi Chevron 12/9//2014
George’s Grocery USA, LLC d/b/a George’s USA 12/9//2014
In N Out 2 Inc. / Akram Ahmed Banaga d/b/a In and Out 2 12/9//2014
Samson Petroleum LLC / Manish Kundi d/b/a Jassi Super Mart 12/9//2014
CC Gaming, LLC d/b/a Johnny Z's Casino 12/9//2014
MSMILLER INC. d/b/a Miller’s Quick Shop 12/9//2014
Penn Jersey Bath Inc. d/b/a Penn Jersey Food Mart 12/9//2014
Yassine Nasser d/b/a T and Y Convenience / Richmond News 12/9//2014
Z Mart Enterprises LLC / Muhammad Zulfiqar d/b/a Shell 12/9//2014
Brown’s Super Stores, Inc. d/b/a Shoprite of Parkside 12/9//2014
Stop N Go II, Inc. / Kashmir Gill d/b/a Stop N Go II / Mobil Mart 12/9//2014
F and M Gas, L.L.C. / Melissa Hashem d/b/a Exxon / Tiger Mart 12/9//2014
Shreeyamuna LLC / Ankur Patel and Jasminben Patel d/b/a Woodside Mini Mart 12/9//2014
Mam Oil Inc. / Mohammed Al Mansor d/b/a Clark 12/10/2014
D Town Liquor, Inc. 12/10/2014
Sam’s Foods, Inc. / Frank Faranso d/b/a Famous Market 12/10/2014
Fast N Friendly, LLC d/b/a Fast N Friendly DQ 12/10/2014
My Place, Inc. d/b/a J and B’s Quick Stop 12/10/2014
Omar Food Market Corp / Jaman Almunajed d/b/a Omar Market 12/10/2014
Nam Kyong Pak d/b/a P.G. Quick Stop 12/10/2014
F and N Mini Mart Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 12/10/2014
Westside Liquor of Baxter, Inc. / Bob Fueling d/b/a Westside Liquor and Smoke Shop 12/10/2014
Whistlin’ Jack Lodge, Inc. 12/10/2014
Wine Depot Party Shop, Inc. 12/10/2014
R Ali Prime Incorporated d/b/a AL Prime Energy 12/12/2014
Al Pisa Liquor, Inc. / Paul Murad d/b/a Alpisa Liquor 12/12/2014
B Plus B Enterprise, LLP / Muwaffaq Abed and Syed Aftab d/b/a B Mart / Citgo 12/12/2014
Casey’s Marketing Company d/b/a Casey’s General Store 12/12/2014
Clayton’s Tap Inc. / Scott Darlington and Lois Durkin-Darlington d/b/a Clayton’s Tap 12/12/2014
Arabo Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Graham’s Party Shoppe 12/12/2014
Joe Walker d/b/a Hillbilly Gas Mart 12/12/2014
AJ Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a Marathon 12/12/2014
Regal Food Inc. / Ali An d/b/a One Food Store 12/12/2014
Global Montello Group Corp. d/b/a Fast Freddies / Sunoco 12/12/2014
Casey’s General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey’s General Store 1071 12/15/2014
Waheguru Gas LLC / Singh Manjit d/b/a Delta 12/15/2014
Kathleen Associates, LLC d/b/a Honeysuckle Chevron 12/15/2014
Young J. Son and Kwang H. Park d/b/a J.J.’s Kingston Deli and Cafe 12/15/2014
QuikTrip Corporation d/b/a QuikTrip 1098 12/15/2014
Lane Wholesale Distributing Inc. / Larry Lane d/b/a Roadway Mini Mart 12/15/2014
H S R Mart Inc. / Jamie Reslan and Osama Habhab d/b/a Shell 12/15/2014
Midwest Entrepreneur Inc. d/b/a Tobacco Mart II 12/15/2014
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 6007 12/15/2014
Kal Kash, Inc. / Adnan Putrus d/b/a Waterford Party Store 12/15/2014
Mario A. Alas d/b/a A and L Mini Market 12/16/2014
Calumet Gas I Inc. / Samer Farhan d/b/a BP Shop 12/16/2014
B and B Petroleum LLC d/b/a Chevron 12/16/2014
Cigar Inc. / Pradyuman Patel d/b/a Cigar Outlet 12/16/2014
V Mata LLC / Sunil Sethi d/b/a Gene’s Liquors 12/16/2014
Trina Fletcher Lemm d/b/a Jessie’s Jiffy Stop 12/16/2014
Kathleen Associates, LLC d/b/a Kathleen Chevron 12/16/2014
Amran Saleh Hussein / Waddah Mohamed Ashaif d/b/a Laurinburg Food Mart 12/16/2014
2800 Lawrence Corp. d/b/a Snappy Convenience Center 6 / Mobil 12/16/2014
Luis Hidalgo d/b/a Philadelphia Pizzeria 12/16/2014
Dee and Bee South LLC d/b/a Quick Food Mart 12/16/2014
Reed's Grocery, Inc. 12/16/2014
Savage Tobacco and Cigar Market Inc. / Ayman Shahin d/b/a Savage and Prior Lake Tobacco 12/16/2014
Chul, Inc. / Jinsoo Lee d/b/a Silver Hill Plaza Exxon 12/16/2014
Lincoln Gas, Inc. / Ranbir Multani d/b/a Stop N Go / Marathon 12/16/2014
University Mart Inc. / Kassem Khalil d/b/a Sunoco 12/16/2014
Shahnaz Corporation d/b/a Taylor’s Country Market 12/16/2014
Gateway Marketing, Inc. / Steve Douglas d/b/a Tobacco Station USA 10 12/16/2014
B and B Petroleum, LLC d/b/a Varnado Chevron 12/16/2014
Guirey, Inc. / Amy Guirey d/b/a Village Pub 12/16/2014
Casey’s General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey’s General Store 1395 12/17/2014
A and D Fuel LLC / Kumar Baldev, d/b/a Citgo 12/17/2014
GLB, LLC / Robert H. Dembo d/b/a Kettering BP 12/17/2014
A and J Food Store Inc. d/b/a Krauszer’s Food Stores 12/17/2014
US Liberty Inc. / Imran Pirzada d/b/a Loch Raven Gulf 12/17/2014
Pettway Variety, LLC / Kapel Pettway d/b/a Pettway’s Variety Store 12/17/2014
Springmart, Inc., d/b/a Spring Mart / BP 12/17/2014
Iech Hour Lim d/b/a Sunland Donuts 12/17/2014
Radi Gas and Shop, Inc. / Radi Silmi d/b/a Sunoco 12/17/2014
Vegas, Inc. d/b/a Vegas Liquor and Wine Shoppe 12/17/2014
A Taste of Reality, Inc. / James Freda and Marianne Romola d/b/a A Taste of Reality 12/19/2014
Al-Noor Gas and Food Inc./ Mohammedbaker Rizk d/b/a Al-Noor Citgo 12/19/2014
Kum and Go, L.C. d/b/a Kum and Go 469 12/19/2014
Hannawa Adams LLC / Kyle Hannawa d/b/a Maple Mobil 12/19/2014
One Stop News and Deli, L.L.C. / George A. Zammarie d/b/a One Stop News and Deli 12/19/2014
Seminole Food Mart, Inc. 12/19/2014
Judy N. Coleman d/b/a Dierks Short Stop 12/19/2014
MAA Krupa LLC / Bhavin Patel d/b/a Sophia’s Package Store /Sofia’s Package Store 12/19/2014
Speedway LLC d/b/a Speedway 8873 12/19/2014
M and F Petroleum LLC / Mohammad Al Omari d/b/a Valero 12/19/2014
Dersch Energies, Inc. / Tom Dersch d/b/a 2Go’s Fast-Fills 12/22/2014
R. A. Davis, Inc. / Raymond Davis d/b/a Novi Standard Service / BP 12/22/2014
Woodward Detroit CVS, L.L.C. d/b/a CVS/Pharmacy 8112 12/22/2014
Vicente Cruz d/b/a ENR Market 12/22/2014
Farris Truck Stop, L.L.C. / Michael S. Farris d/b/a Farris Truck Stop 12/22/2014
GQ Food Mart LLC / Mohamed Masikh d/b/a GQ Food Mart 12/22/2014
OM 2008, LLC d/b/a Hwy 11 Food Mart 12/22/2014
MRMJ Enterprises, Inc. / Mark Hagood d/b/a Maple Valley Market 12/22/2014
Ya-Kafi Trading Inc. / Abdul Begawala d/b/a Marathon / FM Mart 12/22/2014
Yefter, Inc. / Ocbamichael Yefter d/b/a Mission Viejo Liquors 12/22/2014
Alabama Gas and Mini Mart LLC, d/b/a Phillips 66 12/22/2014
PLR Convenience Store LLC / Phillip Gunter d/b/a PLR Convenience Store 12/22/2014
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 181 12/22/2014
Modern LLC d/b/a Smokers Hub 12/22/2014
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 4813 12/22/2014
Sharrak Investment, Inc. / Joe Sharrak and Dina Sharrak d/b/a Band State Fair Liquor 12/29/2014
Bi-Lo, LLC d/b/a Bi-Lo 5580 12/29/2014
Quick N Easy Market, LLC d/b/a Carolina A Market / Quick N Easy Market 12/29/2014
P and C Enterprises, Inc. / Jun Choi d/b/a Cellar at Rockrimmon 12/29/2014
Janten Corporation / Joseph H. Griffin III d/b/a Cigar Land 12/29/2014
Homeport Trading, Inc. d/b/a Cigar Q 12/29/2014
J and P Flash, Inc. / Carol Patterson and Oscar Patterson d/b/a Flash Market 378 12/29/2014
GMD Lanham Inc. / Ehtsham Zia d/b/a Davidsonville Country Market 12/29/2014
Lavada V. Root d/b/a Don’s Crossroads / Conoco 12/29/2014
Jerry Caton d/b/a Jerry’s Mini Mart 12/29/2014
Miller and Holmes, Inc. d/b/a M and H Gas 12/29/2014
A and M Fuel Inc. / Ali Mallah d/b/a Marathon 12/29/2014
Fernandes Convenience Mart, LLC /Fernando Fernandes d/b/a Fernandes Mini Mart 12/29/2014
DMG Petroleum Companies II, LLC /Dean A. Garber d/b/a Mobil 12/29/2014
Jonga Corporation / Nan Jon d/b/a Pantry Shop 1 12/29/2014
Atty’s Parti Expo, Inc. / Mike Atty d/b/a Parti Expo 12/29/2014
Speaks Oil Company, Inc d/b/a Speaks Travel Mart 107 12/29/2014
Narayan Food Store, Inc. / Narendra Patel d/b/a Steve’s Food Store 12/29/2014
Stripes LLC d/b/a Stripes 2408 12/29/2014
The Milkhouse, LLC / Jeffrey Cregar d/b/a The Milk House 12/29/2014

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