Productos de tabaco

Conformidad y cumplimiento

To protect the health of future generations, FDA closely monitors retailers’ compliance with restrictions on tobacco product marketing and sales to youth – and takes strong corrective action when violations occur.

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Inspecciones de control del cumplimiento

FDA conducts inspections of tobacco product retailers to determine a retailer’s compliance with federal laws and regulations. 

Inspections determine a retailer's compliance with, among other things:

Base de datos de los informes de inspección

Results from compliance check inspections of tobacco retailers are available in the searchable inspection database.

Map of the US

The database will let you know which inspected retailers received a civil monetary penalty, a warning letter, or were found to have no observable violations. You can search by tobacco retailer name, city, state, zip code, or decision date. You can also search using an interactive map by state or region.  Those businesses where compliance check inspections have been completed will be displayed as pins on the map.

Note: Absence of a retail establishment from this database does not imply compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Cartas de advertencia

FDA generally issues Warning Letters, which can also be found in the base de datos del buscador, to tobacco retailers the first time violations are observed during a compliance check inspection. (The Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) issues other Warning Letters as well. Find these here.)

Quejas por sanciones monetarias de carácter civil

Se utiliza una queja por sanciones monetarias de carácter civil (CPM, por sus siglas en inglés) para iniciar una acción legal administrativa a un minorista, ocasionando la imposición de una multa, llamada sanción monetaria de carácter civil.

FDA issues Civil Money Penalty Complaints, found in the base de datos del buscador, para los minoristas de tabaco cuando se observan violaciones durante una inspección de verificación del cumplimiento. 

Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued during the past 45 days can be downloaded below; earlier Complaints can be found in the base de datos del buscador.

Minorista Fecha de publicación
Singh Petro, LLC / Jasbir Singh d/b/a Northgate 76 / Stadium Market 02/02/2015
LGBowen LLC / Lisa Bowen d/b/a Burbage's 02/02/2015
R.D. King Company, Inc. / David King and Harriet King d/b/a Chevron Short Stop 02/02/2015
AMBA Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Ram Food Mart / Convenient Food Mart 02/02/2015
Family Dollar Stores of Arkansas, Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar 7995 02/02/2015
Four Corners Food Market, Inc. / Maen Janoudi d/b/a Four Corners Food Mart 02/02/2015
Freedom Oil Company d/b/a Freedom Shell 02/02/2015
Gift Shop III, Inc. / Frank Younus d/b/a Embassy Gift Shop 02/02/2015
Chicago Tobacco, Inc. / Junaid Karim d/b/a Great Ash Cigars 02/02/2015
S. Hari Singh MGT Inc. / Gurmeet Singh d/b/a Gulf 02/02/2015
K and L Corporation d/b/a Quincy Gas / Gulf 02/02/2015
Xiong Zheng d/b/a Happy Wok 02/02/2015
Get and Go, LLC / Daljeet Singh and Kuljit Singh d/b/a Holmen Quick Stop 02/02/2015
Lep-re-kon Marts, Inc. / Joe Montemayor d/b/a Lep-re-kon Harvest Foods 3 02/02/2015
Mary Tinch d/b/a M and M Trading Post 02/02/2015
Demoulas Super Markets, Inc. d/b/a Market Basket 30 02/02/2015
Lion Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a Bridgeton Phillips 66 02/02/2015
KRR, LLC d/b/a Quick Stop 02/02/2015
Schroeder Shell, Inc. / Patte Schroeder d/b/a Schroeder Shell 02/02/2015
Starkweather, Inc. / Rebecca Starkweather d/b/a Starky's General Store 02/02/2015
Mohin Enterprises, Inc. / Jayesh Patel d/b/a 7-Eleven 11040 02/03/2015
Pedro Espinal d/b/a A and T Grocery 02/03/2015
Admiral Petroleum Company d/b/a Admiral Tobacco 156 02/03/2015
Bakers Confectionary, Inc. / Daniel Webster d/b/a Baker's Confectionary 02/03/2015
T V 7 Incorporated / Rodney Davidson d/b/a Big D Super Foods 02/03/2015
Campustown Supply, Inc. 02/03/2015
Castaways Chillicothe, Inc. / Amanda Odiewalt and Richard L. Bartlow d/b/a Castaways 02/03/2015
Unin Discount Inc. / Hayat Abdirahman d/b/a Central Station 02/03/2015
Nancy Fitzgerald d/b/a Chevron / Westmond Store 02/03/2015
Quickie Mart, Inc. / Angela Hoffman d/b/a Corner Chevron Drive Thru 02/03/2015
Emilio J. Peralta d/b/a Emilio Food Market 02/03/2015
511 Grand, Inc. / Kalpesh Patel d/b/a Express Convenience Centers 02/03/2015
Go-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Go Mart 51 02/03/2015
Los Manueles Grocery Inc. / Carlos Roa d/b/a Los Manueles Grocery 02/03/2015
Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores, Inc. / Tom Love d/b/a Love's Travel Stop 514 02/03/2015
Adriano Peralta Madera d/b/a Peralta Grocery 02/03/2015
RSTM Corporation / Talha Salman d/b/a Tobacco Farm 02/03/2015
Kris Selvidge d/b/a Up 'N Smoke 02/03/2015
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 3056 02/03/2015
American Gaming Group LLC / Kevin Werner d/b/a Wildwood Casino 02/03/2015
Maine Mussel Co., Inc. d/b/a Andes Variety 02/04/2015
Cano Country Store, LLC / Jeanne Gare d/b/a Cano Country Store 02/04/2015
Apes LLC / Prakash Thakrar d/b/a Lukoil Catty Mart 02/04/2015
Colony Market LLC 02/04/2015
Evergreen Convenient Food, Inc. / Mohamed Saeed d/b/a Evergreen Convenient Food, Inc. 02/04/2015
Loan Nhut Ho d/b/a Hai's Mini Market 02/04/2015
JC USA, Inc. / James K. Chi d/b/a Harry's Fine Foods 02/04/2015
Kroger Limited Partnership I d/b/a Kroger J-903 Fuel Center 02/04/2015
Roopsons, Inc. d/b/a Marathon 02/04/2015
Thomas Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a Marty Mart 3 02/04/2015
New Smokes, Inc. / Zahira Aqel d/b/a New Smokes 02/04/2015
Pranam, LLC d/b/a Norwich Mini Market 02/04/2015
KK Oil Inc. d/b/a Oxford Gasway / Marathon 02/04/2015
Lincoln Land Auto Parts, LLC / Jeff Bettag and Greg Jameson d/b/a Patriot Station Service Center 02/04/2015
Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Pilot Travel Center 339 02/04/2015
Platte Valley Liquors, Inc. / Brent Cain d/b/a Platte Valley Liquors 02/04/2015
Shivam, LLC / Jitendra Patel d/b/a Shivam Variety 02/04/2015
Hollingsworth Oil Company, Inc. d/b/a Sudden Service 4 / Shell 02/04/2015
Three Mile Corner, Inc. / Charles Quillen d/b/a Three Mile Corner 02/04/2015
Walgreen Eastern Co., Inc. d/b/a Walgreens 6902 02/04/2015
Arova, Inc. / Omar Joudatt d/b/a Arova Dollar and More 02/09/2015
Bucksaw Resort, LLC d/b/a Bucksaw Resort and Marina 02/09/2015
61 and Buist Food Market Inc. / Luis Vasquez d/b/a Buist Food Market 02/09/2015
Coborn's, Inc. d/b/a Cash Wise Liquor 02/09/2015
H. Krupa, Inc. / Hemang D. Patel d/b/a Corner Pantry 02/09/2015
Morari LLC / Chandrikant Patel d/b/a Krauszers Food Store 02/09/2015
The Kroger Co. d/b/a Kroger J-879 02/09/2015
Jaquez Corporation, Inc. d/b/a La Sierra Food Market 02/09/2015
Perley Industries, Inc. d/b/a Laperle's IGA Supermarket 02/09/2015
SEE USA LLC d/b/a Marathon 02/09/2015
Marketime Foods, Inc. / Gregory Giles d/b/a Marketime Foods 02/09/2015
Ok Sook Kwon d/b/a Melrose Market 02/09/2015
S and H Trade, LLC d/b/a Midway Market 02/09/2015
Richardson and Sons, LLC / Rose Richardson d/b/a P and R Express / Marathon 02/09/2015
Williamsport Amoco, Inc. / R. Mikal Holen d/b/a Phillips 66 02/09/2015
Abdy T. Ahmed d/b/a Polo One Stop 02/09/2015
Musaab, Inc. / Musaab Wazwaz d/b/a Royal Tobacco 02/09/2015
Spankys Tobacco World Inc. / Jeffrey L. Clifton d/b/a Spanky's Tobacco World 02/09/2015
Roundabout Rock LLC / Andrew Ferguson d/b/a Big Rock Cafe 02/10/2015
Casey's General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey's General Store 2390 02/10/2015
Tar Heel Enterprises, L.L.C. d/b/a Cheap Smokes 02/10/2015
Citi Deli L.L.C. / Ahmed Hassaballa d/b/a Citi Deli and Grocery 02/10/2015
The Boat House, Inc. d/b/a Flanigan's Boat House 02/10/2015
Raymond McPherson d/b/a Cement Gas-N-Go 02/10/2015
K and K Mini Mart Inc. d/b/a Kelly's 02/10/2015
SSM Oh, Inc. / Sae Oh d/b/a Knight's Liquors 02/10/2015
Lala Grocery Store Inc. 02/10/2015
H and S Oil Co., Inc. d/b/a H and S Mingo Shop / Exxon 02/10/2015
Paddle Creek Enterprises, Inc. / Miranda Napier d/b/a Paddle Creek Marathon 02/10/2015
Shree Nathghi Corp. d/b/a Smitty's Liquor Store 02/10/2015
John Bellew d/b/a Smokers 02/10/2015
Amin Enterprise Inc. / Attaullah Amin d/b/a Smokey Shope 02/10/2015
Rick's Mart, Inc. d/b/a Son-In-Law's / Texaco 02/10/2015
Hana Dasan d/b/a Star III Food Mart 02/10/2015
Sterling Grocery Co. d/b/a Sterling Village Store 02/10/2015
Timothy R. Combs d/b/a Tim's Bestway 02/10/2015
S and R Sales LLC / Shoaib Rangoonwala d/b/a Tobacco Express 02/10/2015
Mahfouz A. Saleh d/b/a Town and Country Market 02/10/2015
Parin, LLC / Sanjay Patel d/b/a 24/7 Atlantic Market 02/11/2015
Bandar Saleh d/b/a Bandar Mini Mart / Shell 02/11/2015
Brookshire Grocery Company d/b/a Brookshire Food Store 103 02/11/2015
Hari Krishna LLC / Andy Patel d/b/a Campbell Deli and Grocery 02/11/2015
Casey's General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey's General Store 2831 02/11/2015
C.E. Taylor Oil, Inc. d/b/a Chuckles 02/11/2015
Saad Mheirat d/b/a Corner Grocery / Winchester Market 02/11/2015
T and B Stores, LLC, d/b/a Dino Mart 02/11/2015
George and Dragon, Inc. d/b/a George and Dragon English Restaurant and Pub 02/11/2015
Alan Enterprizes, A Limited Liability Company / Joseph DeFazio d/b/a Grafton Exxon 02/11/2015
H. Garcia Distributors LLC / Hendry A. Garcia d/b/a HG Mini Market 02/11/2015
J Triple B LLC / William Roberts and Ed Deming d/b/a Kettering Liquors 02/11/2015
North Pole Ice Service of Clarksburg, Inc. / Robert Viglianco d/b/a North Pole Ice Co. 02/11/2015
The Kroger Co. d/b/a Pay Less Fuel Center J-827 02/11/2015
ADIUM Oil Company, Inc. / Dean Mielke d/b/a Petro Plus Convenience Center 02/11/2015
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 46 02/11/2015
CTM Holdings, Inc. / Tina McIntosh d/b/a RT 2 Mini-Mart 02/11/2015
Naheeda 1, Inc. / Adeel Warraich d/b/a Saving Spot / VP Racing Fuels 02/11/2015
Speedway LLC d/b/a Speedway 8533 02/11/2015
Woodmoor Service Center, Inc. / Jimmy Shoukat d/b/a Woodmoor Shell 02/11/2015
Parminder Singh Thind d/b/a 7-Eleven 27470 02/17/2015
Town and Country Grocers of Fredericktown, Missouri, Incorporated d/b/a ALPS 02/17/2015
Berry's Mini-Mart LLC 02/17/2015
Pats Liquors LLC / Paul Bishara d/b/a Boulevard Mart and Liquors 02/17/2015
Yasmine Mini Mart Inc. d/b/a BP 02/17/2015
CJ Unlimited LLC d/b/a County Line Convenience 02/17/2015
Crystal Tobacco and Cigar Outlet Plus, Inc. / Khaled Aloul d/b/a Crystal Tobacco 02/17/2015
Jeremy D. Silman d/b/a Du's 02/17/2015
Shrivijaya, Inc. / Hari Reddy d/b/a Edgemont Beer and Cigars 02/17/2015
N A S A Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Gas N Go 02/17/2015
GD Corporation of VA d/b/a Goldy's Tobacco Hut 02/17/2015
Ken V Inc. d/b/a Kenny's Bar and Grill 02/17/2015
Kroger Limited Partnership I d/b/a Kroger Fuel Center 805 02/17/2015
Radhey-Shyam Corp. / Minesh Patel d/b/a Kwik Shop of America 02/17/2015
Little General Store Inc. d/b/a Little General Store 5340 02/17/2015
Mantaj Petroleum Inc. / Maria Singh d/b/a Fast Break Marathon 02/17/2015
SANS, Inc. / Noordin Lakhani d/b/a Shop N Go / Fastrax 300 02/17/2015
Chatha II Ventures, Inc. d/b/a Shoppers Discount Liquors 02/17/2015
Claytongage, Inc. d/b/a Smoke Time Sam's 9 02/17/2015
Mike and Lori's Drive Thru LLC d/b/a South Street Drive-Thru 02/17/2015
Holden Brattle Market, Inc. / Fotini Angelis d/b/a The Brattle Stop Market and Deli 02/17/2015
Un-Dun LLC 02/17/2015
Little Ferry Gas Corp. / Ghassan Melhem d/b/a Valero Snack Shop 02/17/2015
Village Pantry, LLC d/b/a Village Pantry 606 02/17/2015
Wommack Foods, Inc. d/b/a Wommack Solo 2 02/17/2015
Alex Nsioui d/b/a 7-Eleven 11309 02/18/2015
Fadel A El Naham d/b/a Adams Grocery 02/18/2015
A.L. Prime Energy Consultant, Inc. d/b/a AL Prime Energy 02/18/2015
Aramex, LLC / Ahmed Hassan d/b/a Ashe Street Convenience Store 02/18/2015
Busty's, Inc. d/b/a Busty's Tavern 02/18/2015
Mui Ong and John Trinh d/b/a CMM Convenience Store 02/18/2015
Family Dollar Stores, Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar 3473 02/18/2015
The Kroger Co. d/b/a Kroger J-965 02/18/2015
Kum and Go, L.C. d/b/a Kum and Go 0657 02/18/2015
Kum and Go, L.C. d/b/a Kum and Go 0673 02/18/2015
Vallimohamed Roshan d/b/a Leesburg Convenience Sales / Citgo 02/18/2015
Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores, Inc. d/b/a Love's Country Store 21 02/18/2015
Lincolngv Inc. / Peter Bajaj d/b/a Fast Jacks Marathon 02/18/2015
Win Foods, Inc. / Bruce Mandler d/b/a Marketplace Foods 02/18/2015
MBF Enterprises, LLC / Michael Files and Barbara Files d/b/a Merriam Woods Country Store 02/18/2015
Ozark Supermarket, Inc. d/b/a Murfin's Market 02/18/2015
Jovan Skaricki, d/b/a Plaza Mini Mart 02/18/2015
Thrifty Payless, Inc. d/b/a Rite Aid 5205 02/18/2015
Roundman's LLC / Coleman Huggins d/b/a Roundman's Convenience Store 02/18/2015
J.W. Sandri, Inc. d/b/a Sandri Stop Smart 381 02/18/2015
M and M Expo, Inc. / Mazen Nassar d/b/a Smokers Expo 02/18/2015
Randall's Food and Drugs LP d/b/a Tom Thumb 1780 02/18/2015
Randall's Food and Drugs LP d/b/a Tom Thumb 1925 Fuel Station 02/18/2015
Voss Market, LLC 02/18/2015
Walgreens Co. d/b/a Walgreens 6730 02/18/2015
Zahara, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Convenience Store 33321 02/20/2015
S and J Distributors, Inc. / Dong Hoon Lee d/b/a Brewers Outlet 02/20/2015
Discount Smoke Shop, Inc. d/b/a Cigarette Express 02/20/2015
Dean's, Inc. d/b/a Dean's Package Store 02/20/2015
Go-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Go-Mart 002 02/20/2015
Perring Auto Center, Inc. / Yang Kim d/b/a Perring Sunoco 02/20/2015
Puff N Stuff LLC / Raad Al Khafaji d/b/a Puff N Stuff 02/20/2015
United Convenience LLC / Nadeem Sattar d/b/a Brockton Shell 02/20/2015
SAS USA LLC d/b/a Smokes 4 Less 02/20/2015
Pester Marketing Company d/b/a Wright Valley Oil 3502 02/20/2015
Alike Inc. / Gregory Achilike d/b/a Beta C Store / Alex's C-Store 02/23/2015
Avon Express Inc. d/b/a Avon Express Mart 02/23/2015
Vaziuddin LLC d/b/a BP Shop 02/23/2015
Browning's Grocery and Deli LLC / Anthony Browning d/b/a Browning's Grocery and Deli 02/23/2015
C and S, Inc. d/b/a Circle S Mart 70 02/23/2015
C and S Inc. d/b/a Circle S Mart 23 02/23/2015
J Mart of Lynchburg Inc. d/b/a J Mart / Citgo 02/23/2015
Town and Country Grocers of Fredericktown MO, Inc. d/b/a County Mart 02/23/2015
Tri Link Inc. d/b/a Express Mart 02/23/2015
Hare Krishna Fuel LLC d/b/a Gulf 02/23/2015
Holysmoke and Cellular, LLC / Mohammad Mohammad d/b/a Holysmokes 02/23/2015
IZE Corporation d/b/a Kwik Way 755 02/23/2015
Laconia Oasis, Inc. 02/23/2015
Lake Package LLC / Tony Harrison d/b/a Lake Package 02/23/2015
Last Minit Mart, Inc. d/b/a Last Minit Mart 6 02/23/2015
Hardee's Food Systems LLC d/b/a Marathon 02/23/2015
M and A Batt Inc. / Michael Batt d/b/a Newlon's Store 02/23/2015
Jai-Ambee, Inc. / Bob Patel d/b/a Park Avenue Liquors 02/23/2015
Quick Stop, L.L.C. / Rashid Sherwani d/b/a Quick Stop 02/23/2015
Mohammad Iqbal d/b/a Sam's Food Stores 02/23/2015
ATR Petroleum, Inc. / Karan Singh d/b/a Berwyn Heights Shell 02/23/2015
Aditi 1 Gas Station LLC d/b/a Sunoco Mini Mart 4 02/23/2015
R and T Foods Inc. d/b/a T and T Food Mart 02/23/2015
I35 Gas and More Inc. d/b/a Tetco 401 / Chevron 02/23/2015
Teton Traders LLC d/b/a Trailside General Store 02/23/2015
Ashna and Ohm LLC d/b/a Baybrook Tobacco 02/24/2015
Big Spring Liquor, LLC / Mitchell W. Terry d/b/a Big Spring Liquor 02/24/2015
RB Arens LLC / Brad Arens d/b/a Brad's Kwik Store 02/24/2015
Trogdon's Gas, Inc. / Larry Trogdon d/b/a C and L Super Serve 02/24/2015
Country Club Bar, Inc. and Dave Peterson, d/b/a Country's Club 02/24/2015
Karamjot Inc. d/b/a Fuel Time 02/24/2015
Hocker Oil Company, Inc. d/b/a Gas Plus Convenience Store 02/24/2015
Hilltop Market, LLC / Hien Nguyen d/b/a Hilltop Market 02/24/2015
Kroger Limited Partnership I d/b/a Kroger Fuel Center J-889 02/24/2015
Coborn's Inc. d/b/a Little Dukes 02/24/2015
Hofa Market LLC, d/b/a Lukoil 02/24/2015
A.G.O.S. LLC d/b/a Mars Smoke Shop 02/24/2015
HappyInLife, Inc. / In Cha Choe d/b/a McChord Mart 02/24/2015
Jun K. Chae d/b/a Metro Café 02/24/2015
Monte W. Vogt and Amy L. Vogt d/b/a MO 171 Highway Smoke Shop 02/24/2015
P and L Grocery, Inc. / Patti Harmon d/b/a P and L Grocery 02/24/2015
Williamsport Amoco, Inc. / R. Mikal Holen d/b/a West Lebanon Phillips 66 / Patriot Mart 02/24/2015
Dexter's Pit Stop, LLC / Dexter Soileau d/b/a Pit Stop 02/24/2015
Queen Street Brothers, LLC / Robert Bouton d/b/a Queen Street Grocery 02/24/2015
R and K Petroleum, Inc. / Khuda Bakhsh d/b/a Marlboro Pike Shell 02/24/2015
Speedway LLC d/b/a Speedway 5179 02/24/2015
Northern Tier Retail LLC d/b/a SuperAmerica 4174 02/24/2015
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 9487 02/24/2015
Micro Info Systems Inc / Fazeel Ahmed d/b/a Xpress Mart 02/24/2015
Kandlbinder, Inc. d/b/a Zephyr Express / Bluff Road Station 02/24/2015
Admiral Petroleum Company /Brett Dennis Lemmen d/b/a Admiral 02/25/2015
Casey's General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey's General Store 2294 02/25/2015
Main Street Convenience and Feed Store L.L.C. / Gary Cooley d/b/a Cooley's Main Street Convenience 02/25/2015
Rinne's Tire and Service, LLC / Mark D. Rinne d/b/a Fast and Friendly / Sinclair 02/25/2015
K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc. d/b/a Food City 672 02/25/2015
Kum and Go, L.C. d/b/a Kum and Go 0865 02/25/2015
William LaMar Nay and David Ralph Chase d/b/a Paris Country Store 02/25/2015
Jai Shree Ram, Corp. d/b/a Plaza Liquors 02/25/2015
Spokane Fine Liquor, Inc. / Ankur Sood d/b/a Sunset Grocery 02/25/2015
The Little Store, LLC / Craig Marcum d/b/a The Little Store 02/25/2015
N.A. Enterprise, Inc. / Naveed Syed d/b/a Haymount Family Fare 02/27/2015
Al Mehboob LLC / Tanveer Ahmed d/b/a Garden State News 02/27/2015
J and W Grocery, Inc. / Walid Ismail d/b/a J and W Grocery 02/27/2015
Paul Kamp d/b/a Kamps Food Market 02/27/2015
K: 1032 OM Shiva LLC d/b/a Red and White Supermarket 02/27/2015
Paul D. Lowe d/b/a Save-Way Foods 02/27/2015
Skoogy's, Inc. / Larry D. Skoog d/b/a Skoogy's Deli 02/27/2015
Isam Samara d/b/a Keystone Sunoco 02/27/2015
2920 Waterview Ave Inc. / Fawad Shafi d/b/a Westside Citgo 02/27/2015
Woodman's Food Market, Inc. d/b/a Woodman's Gas 02/27/2015

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