Productos de tabaco

Conformidad y cumplimiento

To protect the health of future generations, FDA closely monitors retailers’ compliance with restrictions on tobacco product marketing and sales to youth – and takes strong corrective action when violations occur.

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Inspecciones de control del cumplimiento

FDA conducts inspections of tobacco product retailers to determine a retailer’s compliance with federal laws and regulations. 

Inspections determine a retailer's compliance with, among other things:

Base de datos de los informes de inspección

Results from compliance check inspections of tobacco retailers are available in the searchable inspection database.

Map of the US

The database will let you know which inspected retailers received a civil monetary penalty, a warning letter, or were found to have no observable violations. You can search by tobacco retailer name, city, state, zip code, or decision date. You can also search using an interactive map by state or region.  Those businesses where compliance check inspections have been completed will be displayed as pins on the map.

Note: Absence of a retail establishment from this database does not imply compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Cartas de advertencia

FDA generally issues Warning Letters, which can also be found in the base de datos del buscador, to tobacco retailers the first time violations are observed during a compliance check inspection. (The Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) issues other Warning Letters as well. Find these here.)

Quejas por sanciones monetarias de carácter civil

Se utiliza una queja por sanciones monetarias de carácter civil (CPM, por sus siglas en inglés) para iniciar una acción legal administrativa a un minorista, ocasionando la imposición de una multa, llamada sanción monetaria de carácter civil.

FDA issues Civil Money Penalty Complaints, found in the base de datos del buscador, para los minoristas de tabaco cuando se observan violaciones durante una inspección de verificación del cumplimiento. 

Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued during the past 45 days can be downloaded below; earlier Complaints can be found in the base de datos del buscador.

To submit the Acknowledgement Form and pay your Civil Money Penalty please use this link.

Minorista Fecha de publicación
KSA Plus, Inc. and Sonja An d/b/a 4th Ave Shell 03/02/15
Bay Area Oil Supply, Inc. / James Lin d/b/a Campbell 76 03/02/15
Forge Enterprises LLC / Mark Freisem d/b/a Forge Jackpot 03/02/15
Garco Properties, Inc. d/b/a Crossroads Convenience 03/02/15
Town and Country Grocers of Fredericktown Missouri, Incorporated d/b/a Cash Saver 03/02/15
Wal-Mart Stores East, LP d/b/a Wal-Mart 1714 03/02/15
Guadalupana Grocery Deli LP d/b/a Guadalupana Grocery and Deli 03/02/15
Handy's, L.L.C. d/b/a Handy's 1 03/02/15
R Legacy, LLC / Joy Richardson d/b/a Lake Mayfield Resort and Marina 03/02/15
Four Jays Investment, LLC d/b/a M and M Grocery 03/02/15
United Gas and Convenience, LLC / Yasir Salih d/b/a Marathon 03/02/15
530 Kenwood Inc. / Mohammad Mian d/b/a Perez Grocery 03/02/15
Dhun Guru Nanak Corporation / Harbahajan S. Bajwa d/b/a Greencastle Mini Mart / Phillips 66 03/02/15
Kore of Indiana Enterprises, Inc. / Robert A. Sabatini d/b/a Rock and A Hard Place General Store 03/02/15
Houchens Food Group, Inc. and Joe Beckner d/b/a Save-A-Lot 23568 03/02/15
Al Zama LLC d/b/a Smoker's Discount World 03/02/15
NJW, Inc. / John Keslinke d/b/a Smokes More For Less 03/02/15
Temple Street Grocery and Deli, Inc. / Augusto Paulino d/b/a Temple St. Grocery and Deli 03/02/15
Cherubs and Velvet, Inc. / Mary Ann Boesch d/b/a The Bagelsmith 03/02/15
Weis Markets, Inc. d/b/a Weis Markets 70 03/02/15
KZD Management Inc. / Roger Kazadi d/b/a 7-Eleven 16423 03/03/15
Janet C. Ammons d/b/a Ammons Sav-A-Coin 03/03/15
Osage Mini Mart, LLC 03/03/15
Bi-Lo, LLC d/b/a Bi-Lo 5195 03/03/15
Barbara Smith d/b/a Bobbie's 03/03/15
4K Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Bullseye Lincoln 03/03/15
Casey's General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey's General Store 3007 03/03/15
Park Vasona Gas, Inc. / Francy Amidi d/b/a Park Vasona Chevron 03/03/15
The Kroger Co. d/b/a Dillons 112 03/03/15
Dollar General Corporation d/b/a Dollar General 1050 03/03/15
Laxami Investment LLC d/b/a Dumas Food Mart / Chevron 03/03/15
Jan Enterprises LLC / Joseph Alan Defazio d/b/a Fairmont Avenue Exxon 03/03/15
Fred's Stores of Tennessee, Inc. d/b/a Fred's 2140 03/03/15
Emily Peeler d/b/a Highway 150 Food Mart 03/03/15
The Pantry, Inc. d/b/a Kangaroo Express 03/03/15
Lonsdale Market and Deli, Inc. / Maurece McDowell 03/03/15
Mahendra Inc. / Mahendra Patel d/b/a Lucky's Tobacco 03/03/15
Aja Investments, Inc. / Jonathan Rowe and Andrea Rowe d/b/a Marina Market 03/03/15
Jihad Al-Maliti d/b/a One Stop Market 03/03/15
Skoogy's, Inc. / Larry Skoog and Ann Skoog d/b/a Skoogy's Deli 03/03/15
Smokehead Shop 2, LLC d/b/a Smokehead Hookah and Coffee Shop 03/03/15
Discount Tobaccoland, Inc. / Salah Aldine Hamad d/b/a Tobacco Land 03/03/15
Town and Country Grocers of Fredericktown Missouri, Incorporated d/b/a Town and Country Supermarket 03/03/15
United Supermarkets, L.L.C. d/b/a United Supermarkets 509 03/03/15
Jaks Enterprise, Inc. and Joo H. Kim d/b/a York Express Mart 03/03/15
Arelis Siri d/b/a Arianna's Family Convenience Store 03/04/15
Ioan M. Brown d/b/a Brown's Convenience Store 03/04/15
Ecru Express LLC 03/04/15
Tae Ahn and Mee Yon Ahn d/b/a Hill Top Market / Excel 03/04/15
Victor D. Burgos d/b/a Franklin Super Market 03/04/15
ZMS, LLC / Zahoor Mian d/b/a Highland Farms 03/04/15
Prometheus Business Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Friendly's 3 / Exxon 03/04/15
Tim Strubhart d/b/a Ricardo Kwik Pantry 03/04/15
James L. Mouzon d/b/a L and M Self Service 03/04/15
Fateh Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Marathon Food Mart 03/04/15
New A Malik, Inc. d/b/a RJ'S Chevron 03/04/15
Chickasha Grocery, LLC d/b/a Spencer's Supermarket 03/04/15
Fire King Oil Company / Irwin Walzer d/b/a Star Car Wash / Mobil 03/04/15
Ivan H. Stewart, Inc. / David Stewart d/b/a Super One Foods 03/04/15
TNT Gas Mart, Inc. 03/04/15
Grayslake Tobacco, Inc. / Noorbanu Ladiwala d/b/a Cigars Beer and Wines 03/06/15
Food N Stuff, Inc. / Fadl Ali Ahmed Alamari d/b/a Food 'N Stuff 03/06/15
The Kroger Co. d/b/a Fry's Fuel 54 03/06/15
Trinidad Ramirez d/b/a La Esquina Grocery 03/06/15
SP Petrol LLC and Shane Poole d/b/a Marathon 03/06/15
Miller Grove Farm Supply, Inc. / Doris Hall d/b/a Miller Grove Farm Supply 03/06/15
Moe's Pit Stop, LLC / Mojtaba Afsharipour d/b/a Moe's Pit Stop / Conoco 03/06/15
GPM Southeast, LLC d/b/a Scotchman 3123 03/06/15
South Main Street Pantry and Liquors of Darlington, LLC / Richard Jones d/b/a South Main Pantry 03/06/15
200 Yogi Tobacco, Inc. d/b/a Tobacconist 03/06/15
Jane Liquor Company, Inc. / Se Bek Oh d/b/a Aquahart Liquors 03/09/15
Clark's Pump N' Shop, Inc. d/b/a Clark's Pump N' Shop 6 03/09/15
Colony Point, Inc. 03/09/15
Dolgencorp, LLC d/b/a Dollar General Store 4153 03/09/15
Dollar Value Stores, LLC / Walter Czarnik d/b/a Dollar Value 03/09/15
Quinto Corporation LLC / Luis Quinto d/b/a El Ranchito 03/09/15
Smith's Food and Drug Centers, Inc. d/b/a Fry's Food and Drug 123 03/09/15
Gratz Deli Grocery LLC / Pedro Jose Rodriguez d/b/a Grats Deli and Grocery 03/09/15
HAC, Inc. d/b/a Homeland 03/09/15
HAC, Inc. d/b/a Homeland Store 200 03/09/15
JID, Inc. d/b/a Jay's Liquors 03/09/15
Judys Cafe, Inc. / Bessie Jones and Carl Jones d/b/a Judy's Convenience Liquors 03/09/15
Mulligan Holdings, LLC d/b/a Jugtown Country Store 03/09/15
Upland Mart Inc. d/b/a Marathon 03/09/15
ABR Enterprises, LLC / Pyarali Dauva d/b/a Quick Mart 03/09/15
Lard, LLC d/b/a Raider Station 03/09/15
Mark, Inc. / Mark Dunkel d/b/a Samuels Store 03/09/15
Reliable Investment LLC / Karim Kasam Ali Lakhani d/b/a Sandy Acres Grocery 03/09/15
Somerville Smoke Shop LLC 03/09/15
M and K Food Mart Inc. d/b/a Sphinx 03/09/15
Old English Inn Ltd. / Kathy Niepagen d/b/a The Wind Jammer Lounge 03/09/15
Randall's Food and Drugs LP d/b/a Tom Thumb 2570 03/09/15
Mad River Grocery LLC / Ali Nassari d/b/a Mad River Grocery / Twin Stop 03/09/15
Yong S. Kang d/b/a Zion Express Citgo 03/09/15
Ishan Enterprise, Inc. d/b/a All Star Food and Liquor 03/10/15
A and A Fruit Market, Inc. / Andreas Eliopoulos d/b/a Andy's Fruit Ranch 03/10/15
Ivans Standard Service, Inc. d/b/a BP 03/10/15
H.E.B., Inc. d/b/a Bryan 3 H-E-B 03/10/15
Pizza Guy, Inc. / Lisa Richardson and Jeff Richardson d/b/a Capone's Hideout / Danenberger's Country Market 03/10/15
Cedar Junction, LLC 03/10/15
Victory Enterprises LLC d/b/a Centerton Marathon 03/10/15
Nabhan Investment LLC / Saed Nabhan d/b/a Davis and Son Food and Liquor 03/10/15
Duffy and Associates, Inc. and Lee Duffy d/b/a Discount Tobacco 03/10/15
Discount Tobacco Bristol LLC 03/10/15
D Town Grocery Store LLC and Salel Alhujaji d/b/a Downtown Grocery Store 03/10/15
J and S Sales of Chippewa Falls, LLC d/b/a Express Mart 03/10/15
Erickson Oil Products, Inc. of Wisconsin d/b/a Freedom Valu Center 55 03/10/15
Deborah Jarman d/b/a Jarmans Market and Deli 03/10/15
Khaira Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Jiffy Mini Mart 03/10/15
Wanda Joyner d/b/a Joyner's Mini Mart 03/10/15
Punjabi Inc. d/b/a Marathon 211 03/10/15
Pam's, Inc. 03/10/15
Rajendra Patel d/b/a Pranami Food Mart 1 / Shell 03/10/15
Vighna Vinayak, Inc. / Bhikhabhai Patel d/b/a Quick Stop Convenience Store 3 03/10/15
Dundee 53 Shell LLC 03/10/15
Joe Javadzadeh d/b/a Smithcot Foods 03/10/15
Raafia LLC d/b/a Smokers Paradise 03/10/15
Gayar LLC, d/b/a Speedy Gas 03/10/15
La Lomita, Inc. d/b/a Tex Best Travel Center 519 03/10/15
Silver Creek Buck Stop, Inc. 03/10/15
J H Kim Investment, Inc. / JinHwan Kim d/b/a Times Market 777 03/10/15
Landover Services, Inc. / Abid Chaudhry d/b/a US Fuel 03/10/15
Colson Enterprises, L.C. d/b/a Black Market Fireworks 03/11/15
Critters Corner Market, LLC d/b/a Critter's Corner Market 03/11/15
A and Z Golden Corporation d/b/a DB Mart 03/11/15
Emporium Newsstand Inc. d/b/a Emporium News 03/11/15
Shubham, LLC d/b/a Franklin Food Mart / Mobil Mart 03/11/15
Beyond Energy, Inc. d/b/a Mossy Grove Market 03/11/15
H E K, Inc. and Marsha Cohn d/b/a Tobacco Superstore 58 03/11/15
Adams Grocery Store, LLC, d/b/a Adam's Grocery 03/13/15
J T H Broadview Inc. d/b/a Broadview Shell 03/13/15
AARCH, Inc. d/b/a Cool Valley BP 03/13/15
D Brothers Party Store Inc. 4 03/13/15
G and R Cigarettes, L.L.C. / Aram Sarkisyan d/b/a G and R Cigarettes 03/13/15
Lynn A. Holloway d/b/a Holloway Gas Mart 03/13/15
BJCN, Inc. d/b/a Liquor Plus 03/13/15
Crown Tobacco, Inc. d/b/a Smoke Shop 03/13/15
Smoker Friendly of Macclenny, LLC and Andre Ayoub d/b/a Smoker Friendly 03/13/15
Jacksonville Group Inc. d/b/a Thompson Oil 1 / Valero 03/13/15
Andraos Brothers Corp. d/b/a 2 Brothers Citgo 03/16/15
Joselito Marte d/b/a A and M Food Market 03/16/15
KVMG, Inc. d/b/a Champion Fuel 03/16/15
Circle K Stores Inc. d/b/a Circle K 8627 03/16/15
Ayush and Adarsh Incorporated d/b/a Depot Liquors 03/16/15
Don Johnson's Tobacco World, Inc. 03/16/15
Moin, LLC d/b/a A and M Food Mart / Exxon 03/16/15
Bapani Krupa Corp. d/b/a Gas Depot 03/16/15
Leanna Swindell and Susan McTall d/b/a Grandma's Kitchen 03/16/15
Hy-Vee, Inc. d/b/a Hy-Vee 1641 03/16/15
Refugio Sanchez / Jose Sanchez d/b/a La Pasadita 03/16/15
Makris Lobster and Steak House Inc. d/b/a Makris Lobster and Steak House 03/16/15
Alma and Ismah Inc. d/b/a Market Square Convenience 03/16/15
A and V Service Corporation d/b/a Petro Max 03/16/15
Picasso Brothers Inc. 03/16/15
Irfan Ghani d/b/a Quick Deli and Grocery 03/16/15
Rangoli Bazar, LLC 03/16/15
Rollins Market, LLC 03/16/15
Karim and Associates, Inc. d/b/a Rutland Food Store 03/16/15
Squire Road Station, Inc. d/b/a Shell 03/16/15
John Campbell and Linda Campbell d/b/a Southgate Shell 03/16/15
STL Mart LLC d/b/a STL Food Mart 03/16/15
The Main Store, Inc. 03/16/15
Harold Roberts and Sherry Roberts d/b/a Twin Pine Package Store / Twin Pine One Stop 03/16/15
Shaikh M. Nehal d/b/a Universal Food Mart 03/16/15
Broomall BP and Brinda Shah 03/17/15
MJS Group, Inc. and Malkiat S. Gill d/b/a Bridgeway Liquors 03/17/15
Hinisa, LLC d/b/a Citgo 03/17/15
Brij and Neel LLC and Atul Patel d/b/a Cruizers 03 / Shell 03/17/15
Family Dollar Stores of Connecticut, Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar 2561 03/17/15
Huntley Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Fastrack 03/17/15
Joyce Hardesty and Roger Hardesty d/b/a Hardesty's Express Mart 03/17/15
Jim Carr Oil Co. Inc. and Dwayne E. Carr d/b/a Jim Carr's Oil Co. 03/17/15
K and J's Git-N-Go, Inc. 03/17/15
Zoom Mack, Inc. d/b/a Mobil Mart 03/17/15
Kriger's Inc. d/b/a Highland Service / ProFuel 03/17/15
DE and S Inc. d/b/a Reisterstown Plaza Exxon 03/17/15
Musaab Inc. d/b/a Royal Tobacco 03/17/15
Klug's Exxon Inc. d/b/a Shell 03/17/15
Madd, LLC d/b/a Amy's Food Mart / Sunhouse 03/17/15
Wyoming Petro, Inc. d/b/a Citgo 03/17/15
Revelation Holdings Inc., d/b/a Three Boys 03/17/15
HIJI Corporation d/b/a Trafton General Store 03/17/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 3039 03/17/15
Xuan Van Ngo and Kieumy T. Phan d/b/a Warrior Station 3 03/17/15
Guru Express Corporation d/b/a Gulf Express 03/18/15
Honey Farms, Inc. d/b/a Honey Farms 42 03/18/15
Jered Agnes d/b/a Jered's Grocery 03/18/15
Ysidro Pacheco Rodriguez d/b/a Junco 9 03/18/15
The Palm International Food LLC 03/18/15
EKS Corporation d/b/a Petroil / Petro Mart 03/18/15
Prestige Gas, Inc. d/b/a Prestige Mini Mart 03/18/15
SM Mini Mart Corporation 03/18/15
Star Mercantile, Inc. 03/18/15
Jayantilal B. Mistry d/b/a 7-Eleven 11574A 2543 03/20/15
M and H Retails, LLC d/b/a Genoa BP 03/20/15
Glen Ellyn Pantry Inc. d/b/a Cigarettes 03/20/15
Niranjan Corp. d/b/a Deptford Citgo 03/20/15
NZ Inc. d/b/a Corunna Dollar Store 03/20/15
D.R. Grocery, LLC 03/20/15
HAI Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Country Mart 03/20/15
Frecheline Mini Market LLC 03/20/15
G and S Energy, LLC d/b/a Hot Spot 4 03/20/15
Len's Family Foods, Inc. 03/20/15
Nob Hill Deli and Grocery LLC 03/20/15
The Gilbert Distributing Company d/b/a Pit Stop 03/20/15
C and B Warehouse Distributing, Inc. d/b/a Short Stop Howard Street / Clark 03/20/15
Kolady Corp d/b/a Tobacco and Tobacco 03/20/15
K-Auto Care LLC d/b/a Walton-Livernois Sunoco 03/20/15
R and L 21st Century Convenience, Inc. d/b/a 21st Century Convenience Store 03/23/15
Amila, Inc. d/b/a 6 and Lodge Liquor 03/23/15
PC Express MO LLC d/b/a Ava Discount Tobacco 03/23/15
EZ International Inc. d/b/a B and B East 03/23/15
Adin LLC d/b/a Central Gas 03/23/15
Mengisteab Gebregziabher d/b/a Line Market / Chelsea BP 03/23/15
L and M Mini-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Citgo 03/23/15
Corner Carry Out, LLC 03/23/15
Discount Smoke Shop, Inc. 03/23/15
Discount Tobacco and Grocery Inc. 03/23/15
Keisha, LLC d/b/a El Cheapo / Sunoco 03/23/15
Farmington Oil Corporation d/b/a Farmington Mobil 03/23/15
Zip Zone Express, Inc. 03/23/15
JCG, Inc. d/b/a Fresh Mart and Deli 03/23/15
George Freeman and Earnestine Freeman d/b/a Han-D-Sak 03/23/15
Kretz, Inc. d/b/a/ Kretzer's Grill and Bar 03/23/15
Novi Fill Up Inc. d/b/a Marathon 03/23/15
Super Stop Inc. d/b/a Marathon / Express Mart 03/23/15
Mi Tierra Meat Market Incorporated 03/23/15
Park Smoker, Inc. 03/23/15
GPM Southeast, LLC d/b/a Scotchman 3159 03/23/15
Sona's One Stop, Inc. 03/23/15
Shivji Corporation d/b/a Stop N Go 03/23/15
Aboujaoudi, Inc. d/b/a Tedeschi Food Shops 332 03/23/15
Miner's Incorporated d/b/a U-Save Foods 03/23/15
A and J News Stand Inc. d/b/a Amin and Jhaveri Associates / A 1 Newsstand 03/23/15
Circle K Stores Inc. d/b/a Circle K 5143 03/24/15
Muvadi Corporation d/b/a Cross Road Sweet Shop and Crossroads Sweet Shoppe 03/24/15
Boardson, Inc. d/b/a Dale's Foods 03/24/15
Mechanicsburg Dollar, Inc. d/b/a Dove's Discount 03/24/15
Patricia McGinnis d/b/a Gas N More 03/24/15
Go-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Go Mart 69 03/24/15
Taj Sohi Corporation d/b/a Granger Travel Plaza 03/24/15
Kum and Go, L.C. d/b/a Kum and Go 483 03/24/15
Bazzy Enterprises II, Inc. d/b/a Mobil 03/24/15
5215 Market, Inc. d/b/a Rainbow Deli 03/24/15
Roger D. Park d/b/a Reese's Country Store 03/24/15
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 61 03/24/15
Rudy's Discount Smoke Shop, Inc. 03/24/15
Langone Service, LLC d/b/a Shell 03/24/15
C.C. Food Marts, Inc. d/b/a CC Food Mart / Shell 03/24/15
Southside Truck Stop, Inc. d/b/a Southside Gas and Bait 03/24/15
A and A Petro Mart Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 03/24/15
Threestar Corporation d/b/a Vine St. Market 03/24/15
Unity 786 LLC d/b/a West Side One Stop Super Mart 03/24/15
Pedro A. Torres d/b/a 19th Food Market 03/25/15
C and L Mini Market LLC 03/25/15
Daniel and Maurice, LLC d/b/a Donut Inc. 03/25/15
Fifth Avenue Liquors, Inc. 03/25/15
Fred Meyer Stores, Inc. d/b/a Fred Meyer 172 03/25/15
GJ's, Inc. d/b/a GJ's Pizza 03/25/15
Grand Mound Liquor and Beverage, Inc. 03/25/15
Kwicky Holdings, LLC d/b/a Kwicky Liquor 03/25/15
Murphy Oil USA, Inc. d/b/a Murphy USA 7466 03/25/15
Jun Bao Chen d/b/a New Golden China 03/25/15
OM Shakti OM, Inc. d/b/a Quick Corner 03/25/15
Karco Inc. d/b/a RollnUp Smoke Shop and Liquor 03/25/15
Side Bar and Cafe, Inc. d/b/a Side Bar and Grill 03/25/15
Smokers' Outlet LLC 03/25/15
Smokers' Outlet, Inc. d/b/a Smokers' Outlet Springfield 03/25/15
Melo Grocery Inc. d/b/a 18th Street Grocery Store 03/27/15
Dearborn Amoco Service Inc. d/b/a BP 03/27/15
Binal Patel and Jignesh Patel d/b/a Camden Fast Fuel 03/27/15
Koetting Oil Corporation d/b/a Ferguson BP 03/27/15
Yvonne Riccetti d/b/a Frank's Steaks 03/27/15
TWC Petro Mart, Inc. d/b/a Metro Gas Mart 03/27/15
Miller Oil Co., Inc. d/b/a Miller's Neighborhood Market 03/27/15
H E K, Inc. d/b/a Tobacco Superstore 57 03/27/15
Surf Line, Inc. d/b/a Up In Smoke 3 03/27/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 10117 03/27/15
Charles Way d/b/a Boggs Gas II 03/30/15
N. R. Food and Gas, Inc. d/b/a BP 03/30/15
HML Petro, Inc. d/b/a Liberty Heights BP 03/30/15
Brinky's Inc. d/b/a Brinky's Liquor 03/30/15
Bruce Park Bar and Grill LLC d/b/a Bruce Park Grill 03/30/15
Buchanan Energy (s), LLC d/b/a Bucky's 03/30/15
Wal-Mart Stores East, LP d/b/a Wal-Mart 5278 03/30/15
Circle K Stores Inc. d/b/a Circle K 2709855 03/30/15
Conconully General Store Inc. 03/30/15
Helen J. Ewer and Robert W. Ewer d/b/a Ewer's Convenience Store 03/30/15
PKH Corporation d/b/a Exxon 03/30/15
Food Lion, LLC d/b/a Food Lion 130 03/30/15
Freeman Foods Management, LLC d/b/a Food Outlet of Manchester 03/30/15
The Heritage Store Inc. d/b/a Heritage Natural Market 03/30/15
Jeff Lewis d/b/a Jeff's IGA 03/30/15
Horn's Grocery, Inc. d/b/a Jerry's Corner Store 03/30/15
Bobby J. Langston d/b/a Langston's 03/30/15
Marina Outpost LLC d/b/a Marina Market 03/30/15
Gayle Adams d/b/a Elbe Mall / Mini-Mart 03/30/15
K and Y Oakley Food Market, Inc. d/b/a Oakley Food Market 03/30/15
K and A Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Phillips 66 03/30/15
Jaime Spaulding d/b/a Prince Grocery 03/30/15
Shop 'n Save Warehouse Foods, Inc. d/b/a Shop 'n Save Fuel Express 1802 03/30/15
Smoke Shop 9 Inc. d/b/a Smoke Shop 03/30/15
Sunoco, Inc. (R and M) d/b/a Sunoco 2658 03/30/15
Manzoor Chughtai d/b/a 7-Eleven 29320 03/31/15
BFS Foods, Inc. d/b/a BFS Foods 16 03/31/15
Ekta Corporation, Inc. d/b/a Buddys Coke-N-Smoke 03/31/15
M and M Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a St. Robert Cenex 03/31/15
MAC'S Convenience Stores, LLC d/b/a Circle K 160 03/31/15
H. R. Clair and E. J. Clair, Inc. d/b/a Clair's C Market 03/31/15
Hagadone Hospitality Co. d/b/a Coeur d'Alene Resort Logo Shop 03/31/15
Germaine F. Rountree d/b/a Country Depot 03/31/15
7 Mile Express, Inc. d/b/a Detroit Wine and Liquor 03/31/15
Dillon Meat Center, LLC 03/31/15
J and P Flash, Inc. d/b/a Flash Market 356 03/31/15
Jae, LLC d/b/a G's Discount Tobacco 03/31/15
Indianwood Junction Party Stop, Inc. 03/31/15
LCM Grocery, Inc. 03/31/15
Luciano Mini Market PTR d/b/a Luciano Mini Market 03/31/15
Quick Chek Corporation d/b/a Quick Chek 68 03/31/15
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 63 03/31/15
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 77 03/31/15
Rudy and Sons, Inc. d/b/a Rudy's Mart 03/31/15
Sulaiman Metalwala and Habib Gilani d/b/a Starzz Gifts and Sundries 03/31/15
Mitri, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 03/31/15
Foodery Northern Liberty LTD d/b/a The Foodery 03/31/15
United Farmers Mercantile Cooperative 03/31/15
Smoker's Outlet of Hazel Park, Inc. d/b/a Wild Bill's Tobacco 03/31/15
Yong Ha d/b/a Yong's Cafe 03/31/15

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