Productos de tabaco

Conformidad y cumplimiento

To protect the health of future generations, FDA closely monitors retailers’ compliance with restrictions on tobacco product marketing and sales to youth – and takes strong corrective action when violations occur.

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Inspecciones de control del cumplimiento

FDA conducts inspections of tobacco product retailers to determine a retailer’s compliance with federal laws and regulations. 

Inspections determine a retailer's compliance with, among other things:

Base de datos de los informes de inspección

Results from compliance check inspections of tobacco retailers are available in the searchable inspection database.

Map of the US

The database will let you know which inspected retailers received a civil monetary penalty, a warning letter, or were found to have no observable violations. You can search by tobacco retailer name, city, state, zip code, or decision date. You can also search using an interactive map by state or region.  Those businesses where compliance check inspections have been completed will be displayed as pins on the map.

Note: Absence of a retail establishment from this database does not imply compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Cartas de advertencia

FDA generally issues Warning Letters, which can also be found in the base de datos del buscador, to tobacco retailers the first time violations are observed during a compliance check inspection. (The Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) issues other Warning Letters as well. Find these here.)

Quejas por sanciones monetarias de carácter civil

Se utiliza una queja por sanciones monetarias de carácter civil (CPM, por sus siglas en inglés) para iniciar una acción legal administrativa a un minorista, ocasionando la imposición de una multa, llamada sanción monetaria de carácter civil.

FDA issues Civil Money Penalty Complaints, found in the base de datos del buscador, para los minoristas de tabaco cuando se observan violaciones durante una inspección de verificación del cumplimiento. 

Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued during the past 45 days can be downloaded below; earlier Complaints can be found in the base de datos del buscador.

Minorista Fecha de publicación
M and F Service, Inc. / Fahim Hammoud d/b/a Citgo / Quik Mart 01/02/2015
Town and Country Super Market, Inc. d/b/a Country Mart 01/02/2015
A and H Investments USA Inc. / Ashok Chauhan d/b/a Getty 01/02/2015
Gritz Liquors LLC / Harvey Blonder d/b/a Gritz Liquors 01/02/2015
S. and A. Petroleum L.L.C. / Surjit Singh d/b/a Gulf / S and A Petroleum 01/02/2015
Carrollton Foods, Inc. d/b/a Mulch’s Country Mart 01/02/2015
Neighborhood Market LLC / Robert Hood and Ashley Hood d/b/a Neighborhood Market 01/02/2015
Anam Zaina Investments, Inc. d/b/a Nile Market 2 01/02/2015
RPCS, Inc. d/b/a Price Cutter Plus Store 50 01/02/2015
Colbea Enterprises, L.L.C. d/b/a Shell 01/02/2015
Nick Gas Inc. / Nidal Dawud d/b/a Sunoco 01/02/2015
Pierre Youssef d/b/a Super Duper Foods / Texaco Station 306339 01/02/2015
Steven Ray Wallace d/b/a The Corner Store 01/02/2015
Mei Lan Liu d/b/a Yin Hua Lou Restaurant 01/02/2015
Zig Zag LLC 01/02/2015
Ali Harbi Odeh Jr. d/b/a 3.O’s Supermarket and Grill 01/05/2015
AAA Smokers Tobacco Inc. / Mohamed Alhadi and Nagi Alhadi d/b/a AAA Smoker 01/05/2015
Fishtail Food Mart and Café Inc. / Mahendra Kaphle and Anil Shrestha d/b/a CountryMark 01/05/2015
Crossroads General Store, L.L.C. 01/05/2015
Zero Point, Inc. / Mohammad Javed d/b/a D B Mart 01/05/2015
Carol and Robert Livingstone d/b/a One Stop Market and Deli 01/05/2015
K and E’s, Inc. d/b/a Glenn Dale Mini-Mart / Whistle Stop 01/05/2015
Tobacco Central, Inc. d/b/a Low Bob’s Discount Tobacco 32 01/05/2015
Gradan, LLC d/b/a Lukoil 01/05/2015
Fab Petroleum, Inc. / Aly Bazzi d/b/a Marathon 01/05/2015
Emin Goroveci d/b/a Michael’s Grocery and Deli 01/05/2015
Nortown Management, Inc. / Christine Yousif d/b/a Nortown Convenience 01/05/2015
William R. and Karen Lee Acree d/b/a Paint Creek Market 01/05/2015
Jimmy Patel d/b/a Shell / Holbrook Food Mart 01/05/2015
Khalat Nerwai d/b/a Sitar Mini Market 01/05/2015
Supermercado Los Reyes, LLC / Pascual Lorenzo d/b/a Supermercado Los Reyes 01/05/2015
Swifty Oil Co Inc. d/b/a Swifty Gas 01/05/2015
H and M of Sylvan Lake, Inc. / Hazim Abro d/b/a Sylvan Lake Market / Sylvan Fine Wine and Liquor 01/05/2015
Tobacco Hut of West Virginia, LLC and Gregory A. Carter d/b/a Tobacco Hut of West Virginia 01/05/2015
Steven W. Wells d/b/a Wells Package Store 01/05/2015
Admiral Petroleum Company d/b/a Admiral Petroleum 106 01/06/2015
Paulino Jimenez d/b/a Central Food Market 01/06/2015
H and W Auto Service, Inc. / Sam Wahab d/b/a Sam’s Auto Service 01/06/2015
Maryland CVS Pharmacy, L.L.C. d/b/a CVS/Pharmacy 4411 01/06/2015
BOCA Burns, LLC d/b/a Handi-Stop Truck Plaza 01/06/2015
Jeanne C. Lee d/b/a Jeanne’s Mart and Grill 01/06/2015
5M LLC / Mohd K. Awawdeh d/b/a Mobil Mart 01/06/2015
Khushi Enterprise LLC / Bintu Patel d/b/a On The Way 01/06/2015
1103 Semi, Inc. / Thomas Kuruvilla and Manny Joseph d/b/a Phillips 66 01/06/2015
Gas and More 2, Inc. d/b/a Shell 01/06/2015
PSVH Inc. / Pravin Patel d/b/a Star Liquor 01/06/2015
M and H Fuel, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 01/06/2015
Village Pantry, LLC d/b/a Village Pantry 529 01/06/2015
Menahil, Inc./ Shoukat Choudhry d/b/a West Street BP 01/06/2015
Ricker Oil Company, Inc. d/b/a Ricker’s 41 01/07/2015
Corner Shoppe LLC / Stuart Cohen d/b/a Corner Shop 01/07/2015
CST Metro LLC d/b/a Diamond Shamrock Corner Store 1173 01/07/2015
J and N Top of 80’s LLC / Jay Addul d/b/a Shell Food Mart / Country Corners 01/07/2015
Vishwa Dev Rattan d/b/a Low Bob’s 01/07/2015
Barton Virginia Cromer d/b/a North Shore Place 01/07/2015
Agabi III, Inc. / Sami Said d/b/a Lake Hills Shell Food Mart 01/07/2015
Jade N. Soles d/b/a Soles Beverage Company 01/07/2015
Jawad, Inc. / Zafar Iqbal d/b/a Hilton Sunoco 01/07/2015
Brian Maeng d/b/a Super Cigarettes 01/07/2015
C and R Enterprises, LLC / Chuck Luckey d/b/a Tobacco Corner 01/07/2015
V. J’s Country Pantry, Inc. / Joseph Biger d/b/a VJ’s Country Pantry 01/07/2015
PJJK, Inc. / Patricia Frazier d/b/a Beantown Dash In 01/09/2015
BI-LO, LLC d/b/a BI-LO 5297 01/09/2015
QM Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a BP 01/09/2015
Tobacco Outlet Inc. / Steve Evangelou d/b/a Cheap Tobacco 01/09/2015
CEFCO / James Fikes d/b/a Food Fast 1110 01/09/2015
Sam’s Mini Mart 3, Inc. / Ali Mosed d/b/a Gulf 01/09/2015
Varun Chudiwale d/b/a Jock’s Exxon 01/09/2015
HNY Food Corporation / Chol Hui Hong d/b/a Wintergarden Deli / Needs LTD 01/09/2015
Hajir, LLC / Najirahemad Bhonhariya d/b/a Preston Food Mart / USA Petro 01/09/2015
Pearl S and G, Inc. / Kelly Ko d/b/a Pearl S and G / Smoke and Gifts 01/09/2015
S & S Petroleum Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 01/09/2015
Top-Star, Inc. / Joe Stark d/b/a Top Star 13 / Valero 01/09/2015
Warwick Tavern, Inc. / George Ratcliffe 01/09/2015
Kotli, Inc. / Harbir Salh d/b/a 7-Eleven 34131 01/12/2015
Naqvis Foods Inc. / Zafar Naqvi d/b/a 7-Eleven 34193 01/12/2015
Campton Corners Convenience Mart, Inc. 01/12/2015
Kana3 Inc. / Alan Houser d/b/a Capital City Bar and Grill 01/12/2015
Drake Petroleum Company, Inc. d/b/a Xtra Mart Cornwall Bridge / Citgo 01/12/2015
BP Liquors, Inc. / Benjamin A. Phillips d/b/a Exeter Wine and Spirits 01/12/2015
Beer Wagon Liquor, Inc. / Najla Denha d/b/a Grand Cru Liquor 01/12/2015
Neighbors Food Store, Inc. / Mike Cox d/b/a Neighbors 01/12/2015
Osei Enterprises, LLC / Osei Tutu Frimpong d/b/a Osei Discount Food and Beverage 01/12/2015
Keyes Canoe Rental Inc. d/b/a Ozark Outdoors Riverfront Resort 01/12/2015
Clark’s Pump ‘N’ Shop, Inc. d/b/a Piedmont Pantry / Marathon 01/12/2015
Safeway Inc. d/b/a Safeway 3247 01/12/2015
Wine Utopia LLC / Frank Helmka and Theresa Helmka d/b/a Shrewsbury Wine and Liquor 01/12/2015
Pannu and Associates, Inc. / Satinder P. Singh d/b/a St. Johns Mini Mart 01/12/2015
Chapp and Bushey Oil Company / Jennell Niemann d/b/a Sunoco 01/12/2015
Tedeschi Food Shops, Inc. 01/12/2015
The Edge: Bar and Grill, LLC / Karan A. Motwani d/b/a The Edge Bar and Grill 01/12/2015
132 Third, LLC / Gitaben Patel d/b/a Third Ave Grocery / 132 Third Avenue 01/12/2015
Danny Yaldo LLC d/b/a Wintersburg General Store 01/12/2015
Zoom Mini Mart, Inc. / Amran Hizam d/b/a Zoom 01/12/2015
Arjun Overseas II, Inc. / Ranmeet Singh d/b/a 7-Eleven 39197 01/13/2015
Baker’s Mart, Inc. / Raymond Baker d/b/a Baker’s Mart 01/13/2015
STEBPC, LLC d/b/a Blue Plate Cafe 01/13/2015
Tom Hughes d/b/a Bud’s Cafe and Market 01/13/2015
By Pass Beverage LLC 01/13/2015
Casey’s General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey’s General Store 2677 01/13/2015
P.J. Entertainment, Inc. d/b/a Cattle-AC 01/13/2015
Marshall Deli No. 2, Inc. / Danny Choe d/b/a Church Lane Deli 01/13/2015
Town and Country Grocers of Fredricktown Missouri, Incorporated d/b/a Country Mart 01/13/2015
L and D Enterprises 97 LTD. / Linda Palodichuk and David Palodichuk d/b/a Discount Tobacco Outlet 01/13/2015
East End Kitchen and Market, LLC /Tageldin Banaga d/b/a East End Kitchen and Market 01/13/2015
Family Dollar Stores of Michigan, Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar 4923 01/13/2015
Sherry Hammond d/b/a Fox Deli Que 01/13/2015
K-G Enterprises, Inc. / Jim and Kathy Ghormley d/b/a K G Grocery 01/13/2015
Southern Sales of Aberdeen, Inc. d/b/a Mac’s Food Store 4 01/13/2015
MJ Mart LLC / Ravi Patel d/b/a MJ Mart 01/13/2015
FKREY, Inc. / Majed Rewaid d/b/a Quick Mart 01/13/2015
The Brick Store LLC 01/13/2015
Amar Food LLC / Bharat Patel d/b/a Town Stationery 01/13/2015
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 4596 01/13/2015
7 Days Grocery, LLC / Shedid F. Shedid d/b/a 7 Days Grocery 01/14/2015
Shane F. Baker d/b/a Average Joe’s 01/14/2015
C K Food and Fuel MN Inc. d/b/a C K Food and Fuel 01/14/2015
Casey’s General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey’s General Store 2447 01/14/2015
CFM of Mid Missouri, Inc. d/b/a Convenient Food Mart 01/14/2015
Yeida Property LLC d/b/a Crystal Tavern 01/14/2015
1501 Ana, Inc. / Ana Lim d/b/a Del’s Kegs and Cases 01/14/2015
Fred Meyer Stores, Inc. d/b/a Fred Meyer 457 01/14/2015
J and K Fox Run, LLC d/b/a Fox Run Tavern 01/14/2015
Kasy Inc. / Ablhad Kasyouhanan d/b/a Kenny’s Market / Buscemis Pizza and Subs 01/14/2015
C and C Merchandising LLC / Thomas Baier d/b/a Kwik Way 740 01/14/2015
Madison Ave Mart LLC d/b/a Madison Ave Mart / BP 01/14/2015
Shreenas, Inc. d/b/a PX 01/14/2015
G7 International, LLC / Victor Rodriguez d/b/a Pike Deli Market 01/14/2015
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 47 01/14/2015
Oxford Petro, Inc. / Amer Saleh d/b/a Shell 01/14/2015
Skyhaven/Conoco L.L.C. / Sonny Patel and Urmi Patel d/b/a Skyhaven Conoco 01/14/2015
Wm. A. Straub, Inc. d/b/a Straub’s 01/14/2015
Kattula Enterprises, Inc. / Munther Kattula d/b/a Tom’s Market 01/14/2015
Juan Antonio Vega d/b/a Vega’s Drive Thru 01/14/2015
Faqid Lihmeidi d/b/a Al-Amier Market 01/20/2015
Kenneth K. Barrow d/b/a B K’s Grocery 01/20/2015
SREE Petroleum LLC / Guruvareddy Komreddy d/b/a Clark 01/20/2015
Hashim Petroleum LLC / Mohammad Sial d/b/a Delta 01/20/2015
Discount Smoke Shop, Inc. 01/20/2015
C - 80, Inc. / Lance Bailey and Kristene Keger d/b/a Greene’s Corner 01/20/2015
Fakin Jacks L.L.C. / Joseph Salender d/b/a Holy Smoke 01/20/2015
Hot Box Smoke Shop LLC / Jawad Mustafa 01/20/2015
Humphrey’s Restaurant and Tavern, Inc. d/b/a Humphrey’s 01/20/2015
Karmayog LLC d/b/a Jetway Liquor 01/20/2015
Manik LLC d/b/a Park N Shop 9 01/20/2015
Keep Enterprises, Inc. / Larry Keep d/b/a Pelican Bay Foods 01/20/2015
Red Apple, Inc. / Harry Stimpson d/b/a Red Apple 01/20/2015
The Carioca Company d/b/a Shell 61 / Shell Minute Mart 01/20/2015
Scrivener Oil Company, Inc. / Richard Scrivener d/b/a Signal Food Stores 01/20/2015
Smith’s Superette Inc. / William Tyrone Smith d/b/a Smith’s Superette 01/20/2015
1132 Spirit Shop, LLC d/b/a The Spirit Shoppe 01/20/2015
Tobacco Road, Inc. / Mickey Fulton d/b/a Tobacco Road 01/20/2015
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 5513 01/20/2015
Wild Bill’s Tobacco of Walled Lake, LLC d/b/a Wild Bill’s Tobacco 01/20/2015
All Star Express, Inc. 01/21/2015
D and M of Troy, Inc. d/b/a Buzzy’s 01/21/2015
Christy’s Fuel LLC 01/21/2015
Mac’s Convenience Stores LLC d/b/a Circle K 1658 01/21/2015
Crenco Food Stores, Inc. d/b/a Crenco Food Stores 1 01/21/2015
ACR-River, LLC / Charles Christ d/b/a Crystal Car Wash 01/21/2015
Daddy Lou’s Pub, LLC / Louis Schultz d/b/a Daddy Lou’s Pub and Pantry 01/21/2015
Zip Zone Express, Inc. d/b/a Fast Lane 16 01/21/2015
Golden Stop LLC d/b/a H and R Paging 01/21/2015
Kerrigan’s Fuel and Convenience, L.L.C. d/b/a Jake’s Market and Deli 01/21/2015
Mo-Tobacco Corp. / Mohammad Alkhatib d/b/a Moe’s Tobacco 01/21/2015
Fang Chen d/b/a New Dragon Star Chinese Restaurant 01/21/2015
One Shot, Inc. / Jolie Lien d/b/a One Shot 01/21/2015
Star Convenience LLC / Lal K. Mahaseth d/b/a Stop and Save 01/21/2015
Tedeschi Food Shops, Inc. d/b/a Tedeschi Food Shops 52 01/21/2015
Terrace Lakes Recreation Ranch, Inc. d/b/a Terrace Lakes Resort 01/21/2015
James Dean Raymond d/b/a The Smoke Shop /Jim and Deb’s Smoke Shack 01/21/2015
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 9609 01/21/2015
Walgreen Eastern Co., Inc. d/b/a Walgreens 5298 01/21/2015
Three Sevens, Inc. d/b/a Wildhorse Creek Mobil 01/21/2015
SSA Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a ampm / Woodinville Arco 01/23/2015
Donmoa, Inc. d/b/a Barnyard Liquors 01/23/2015
Mike Petroleum Inc. / Micael Goitom d/b/a Plaza BP 01/23/2015
Midwest Fuel Inc. d/b/a BP / Gas Mart 5 01/23/2015
Shivali and Shivam Corp. d/b/a BP 01/23/2015
Capitol Exxon, LLC / Mike Habbab d/b/a Capitol Exxon / Tiger Mart 01/23/2015
Baltan, Inc. / Edwin C. Polk d/b/a Dawson’s Liquors 01/23/2015
Steven R. Cockerum d/b/a Discount Cigarettes 1 01/23/2015
Fresh Farm and Tobacco LLC d/b/a Fresh Farm’s Convenience and Tobacco / Smoker’s Discount World 01/23/2015
Singh and Bindra, Inc. d/b/a George and Commercial Exxon 01/23/2015
Dennis G. Merello and Mary E. Merello d/b/a M.C. Food Mart 01/23/2015
Zuhair Jaouni d/b/a Sam’s St. Louis Packing Company 01/23/2015
Schnucks Markets, Inc. d/b/a Schnucks Markets 731 01/23/2015
Ofelia S. Longoria d/b/a Segovia’s Food Store 01/23/2015
Deepkishan L.L.C. / Bhavesh Patel d/b/a Sisk In and Out 01/23/2015
Smoke Sensations Nights of Rave LLC 01/23/2015
PHDS, Inc. d/b/a Steeleville Liquor 01/23/2015
Smiley - K Inc. / John Yoo d/b/a Sunoco A Plus Mini Market 01/23/2015
Workman’s Corner Market, LLC / Adam Workman d/b/a Corner Market 01/23/2015
Veet Export Import, L.L.C. d/b/a Veet Tobacco Wine and Liquor 01/23/2015
Grewal Corporation d/b/a 7-Eleven 22398 01/26/2015
Sajid Zaman d/b/a A 2 Z Convenience Store 01/26/2015
Cheryl Lynn Rainer / Big B Money Savers Discount Beer, LLC d/b/a Big B’s Discount Tobacco and Beverage 2 01/26/2015
Albion Food Mart Inc. / Davinder Singh d/b/a Citgo 01/26/2015
El Padrino Liquors Inc. / Uriel Morales d/b/a County Liquors 01/26/2015
Noel H. Guzman d/b/a E and G Food Market 01/26/2015
Yong Zhu d/b/a Foo Kwai Inn 01/26/2015
Gerland’s Food Fair, Inc. d/b/a Food Town 208 01/26/2015
Stand Up Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Garden Court Eatery 01/26/2015
Zu Rong Zou d/b/a Grace Garden 01/26/2015
Alfarih Abdo d/b/a Lake Center General Store 01/26/2015
Rise Up Corporation / Elizabeth Lee d/b/a Market Smoke Plus 01/26/2015
May E. Hiner and Gary W. Hiner d/b/a Mt. St. Helens Grocery 01/26/2015
Vy Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Racing Mart Fuels 01/26/2015
Scotty’s Convenience Center, Inc. / Thomas R. Scott 01/26/2015
Michigan and Livernois Gas and Minimart Inc. / Fouad Hannawi d/b/a Shamrock 01/26/2015
Clinton Shell LLC / Hital Patel d/b/a Shell Food Mart 01/26/2015
Martins Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 01/26/2015
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 5150 01/26/2015
Waters BP, Inc. / Amit Patel and Mitul Patel d/b/a BP Foodmart 01/26/2015
Sangnok Corporation / Young Wook Song d/b/a 13th Ave Mini Mart 01/27/2015
Gabino Aulis d/b/a 211 Food Mart 01/27/2015
Meron Rahman d/b/a 7-Eleven 13461 01/27/2015
Ball and Prier Tire, Inc. 01/27/2015
M and H Food Mart, Inc. d/b/a BP 01/27/2015
C C Patel LLC / Manish Amin d/b/a Carousel Deli and Pizzeria 01/27/2015
Divine Corporation / James Redmon d/b/a Divine Wellesley / Divine’s Fasmart 01/27/2015
D R Minimarket, Inc. / Daniel Rodriguez 01/27/2015
M.J. Martins Enterprises, Inc. / Jeanie Martins d/b/a East Side Market 01/27/2015
Chizoms Food and Convenience Mart LLC d/b/a Euclid Convenience Mart 01/27/2015
Arisu Enterprise Inc. d/b/a Fairway One Stop 5 01/27/2015
Kisi Misi Corp. d/b/a Jay’s Food Mart 01/27/2015
JK and Sons, Inc. / James N. Sheetz d/b/a Little Town Market 01/27/2015
MAA Durga Corp. d/b/a Lucky 7 Grocery 01/27/2015
Pioneer Square Market, LLC / Jae Hur d/b/a Saveway Market /Pioneer Square Market 01/27/2015
Country Store and Grill LLC The / Michael C. Kirby d/b/a The Country Store and Grill 01/27/2015
Pacific Northwest Fuel, Inc. d/b/a Travel America Plaza 01/27/2015
Uselton Oil Co., Inc. d/b/a USCO Gas 01/27/2015
Wellston Food Market, Inc. / Warrad A. Warrad d/b/a Wellston Food Market 01/27/2015
IM Woodmoor, Inc. / Imran Uddin d/b/a Woodmoor Shell 01/27/2015
7-Eleven, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 35901 01/28/2015
Aziz Convenience Stores, L.L.C. /Dagoberto Trevino d/b/a Aziz Quick Stop 01/28/2015
Inland Energy Inc. d/b/a Onken’s BP 01/28/2015
Cambridge Tobacco Inc. Co / Zuhair Abuduya 01/28/2015
Downtown Stores LLC / Brent Bostick d/b/a Chisholm Corner 4 01/28/2015
Big Net LLC / Nebyu Habteyes d/b/a Conoco 01/28/2015
Deftos Liquor Store, Inc. / Stephen Jamoulis d/b/a Deftos Liquors 01/28/2015
PSD Holdings, Inc. / Pavitter Dhaliwal d/b/a Edmonds Liquor and Gas 01/28/2015
Food Lion, LLC d/b/a Food Lion 1316 01/28/2015
Boo Ja, Inc. / Jun Choi d/b/a One Stop 76 / Food Mart 01/28/2015
World Corporation d/b/a Saipan World Resort / Gift Shop 01/28/2015
Bezzi, Inc. / Adel Bizze d/b/a Handy’s Liquor 01/28/2015
Log Cabin Resorts, Inc. / Rebecca Rice d/b/a Northwest Tobacco Emporium 01/28/2015
M H K 2 LLC/ Sam Kang d/b/a Bremerton Food Mart / Shell 01/28/2015
Paola LLC d/b/a Smoker’s Stop Convenience 01/28/2015
T and C Mini Market, Inc. / Mark Tran d/b/a 4th Avenue Food Mart 01/30/2015
Bazzi Mobil, Inc. 01/30/2015
The Brockton Assets, LLC /Tareq Hasan and Barznab Khan d/b/a Frye’s Cigar Store 01/30/2015
Son Convenience LLC d/b/a Smoker’s Spot Convenience 01/30/2015
Smokey’s Deli Inc. / Domenick A. Cannuli 01/30/2015

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